Celebrate North Brookfield’s Bicentennial

1812 ~ 2012

North Brookfield Historical Society Presents

“Encore Presentations”

 Every day on Channel 12

at 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.


February 1-7 Remembering North Brookfield – featuring William Kobel, former President of North Brookfield Savings Bank
February 8-14 The Town House “Now and Then” – featuring Susan Ceccaci, Historian
February 15-21 Amasa Walker:  Businessman – featuring Clarence Burley
February 22-29 North Brookfield Gas Stations and 1929 Businesses – featuring John J. “Bud” Lane
March 1-7 Slide Show – Overview of North Brookfield – featuring John Murphy Photography
March 8-14 Harwood Family History  – featuring Cindy Thompson
March 15-21 The Way We Were 100 Years Ago in the Papers – featuring Darrell Hyder, Elisabeth Hyder and Ralph Nichols
March 22-31 The Boston Post Road (March 2002) –  featuring Robert Wilder
April 1-7 The Story of George M. Cohan – featuring Kevin Parker
April 8-15 Connie Mack – featuring Robert L. Potvin
April 16-22 Our-Not-So-Amiable Ancestors – featuring Robert Wilder
April 23-30 Car Dealerships in North Brookfield – featuring Robert L. “Bud” Lane